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Through partnerships and collaborations Art Lovers Australia are helping promote Australian art and artists to a wider audience.

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Brendan Walsh | aka ColdGhost

Brendan Walsh (or ColdGhost as he is known in the art world) is a self-taught mixed media artist who describes his work as urban pop art and graffiti style. His art is intriguing and refreshing, sometimes it’s sassy and mischievous, but mostly it’s deeply immersive — it draws in the viewer.

Brendan says what defines his work is a strong desire to use recycled materials and re-purposed objects. His work straddles both worlds of free accessible street art and commercial contemporary art.

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Art Consultancy with Jeska Valk

Art Lovers Australia is an online gallery representing more than 800 Australian artists. In addition to selling some of the country’s best art, the company provides an art consultancy service. This is where Jeska Valk comes in.

Becoming an art consultant was a natural progression in Jeska’s colourful career. For 20 years she has worked as a professional artist, with her work exhibited and sold across Australia and internationally. As a two-time finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Art Prize, Australia’s most prestigious female art prize, and with a swag of art awards under her paint-splattered belt, she is well poised to offer insightful consultation.

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Lix North

Lix North’s work is an intoxicating, heady mix of eccentricity and metaphor. “I love the interplay between contemplative space and ornate detail, the juxtaposition of the commonplace with the wonderfully strange,” says Lix of her work.

Lix’s work touches on photorealism, a type of art that emerged in the 1960s. It’s characterised with painstaking detail and precision. The intricate detailing on a single large piece of art can take Lix up to 400 hours to paint.

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Founders of Art Lovers Australia

Nancy Donaldson & Jarrod Knight

The idea behind Art Lovers Australia was born five years ago, when Nancy and Jarrod saw a gap in the marketplace. “We knew so many incredible artists who weren’t getting the exposure they deserved”, says Nancy. Both have artistic backgrounds and by utilising their combined skill set and remaining relevant and responsive in the ever-changing world of art their business has gone from strength to strength.

They have achieved so much but still feel there’s more work to be done to raise the profile of Australian artists. Nancy says their goal is to see artists recognised for their valued cultural contribution. “The images and objects they are creating today are a reflection of contemporary life,” she says.

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