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Marguerite Bonwick: Being Grateful for the Beauty

Art Lovers | 24 October 2019

Artist Marguerite Bonwick lives and works in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. She is a diverse artist whose art flows from abstract to figurative and on to collage work and still lives. “My application, portrayal and my understanding of the themes and subject matter is a direct and personal response from my soul.”

Imag3114 1

Afternoon at Renwick (92 x 120cm, Acrylic on canvas)

“I never really ‘became’ an Artist. I have always been naturally creative and artistic. Teachers in my younger years recognised this and nurtured my ability and encouraged me to chase this field. I went on to complete a 2-year course [in] Associate Diploma in Fine arts. After a year’s break, I went to university and became a primary school teacher.”

Bonwick Marguerite Title; Painted Lady #9;gold. 76.2x101.6cm

Painted Lady No. 9 – Alchemy (76.5 x 102cm, Acrylic on canvas)

I would say I don’t have a lot of history [in my artist career] historically speaking…. After a long break I slowly came back to art in 2013 when I used my art as a source of escapism, self-worth and identity. In the past two years I have spent a lot of time discovering and emerging myself as an artist.”

Imgp2241 (2)

Rainbow Showers after Turner (120 x 92cm, Acrylic on canvas)

Marguerite’s art style sits somewhere between impressionistic and expressionistic.

It is contemporary, contemplative, empathetic, intuitive as well as original. “My inspiration comes from nature, human thoughts and feelings and my own empathetic intuition. My female figurative works definitely lean toward the more dramatic and yet vulnerable emotions experienced by humans.”

Dscn0326 (3)

Painted Lady No. 16 – MAGNOLIA (61 x 92cm, Acrylic on canvas)

Marguerite describes her love for all mediums and while working predominantly with acrylic paints, she is equally smitten with oil paints, charcoal and pastels too. After all, the mediums are simply a vehicle for her creativity. “I love being able to express myself through my art and being able to connect with an audience both visually and emotionally through my art and soul.”

Imag4556 1 (1)

Kiss From A Rose, Painted Lady No.10 (Ltd. Edition print | 60 x 60cm or 90 x 90cm)

Marguerite is looking to reach out from her own creative practice and space in the future. She is looking to one day open a small art nook/gallery/cafe where like-minded creative people can meet, support and learn from each other and to have the resources and space to hold workshops as well as exhibitions.

“I never stop seeing or being grateful for the beauty that encompasses us. Be generous, share your inspiration and creativity with everyone.”

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