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Libby Dyer: Empowered, Intuitive & Connected

Art Lovers | 22 October 2019

“My earliest memories of drawing go back to when my brother was about 4 and I was 7. We would draw pictures of cats on carbon paper and sell them for 2 cents each to willing neighbours. My childhood is where I first had a thirst and passion for painting,” Libby said.“In the early years of our childhood my brother and I were each other’s strength, support and best friend. I often paint trees and/or their trunks that symbolizes our bond and even though he is no longer here in body, I sense his presence in everyday living things.“


Señorita (91 x 65cm, Alcohol ink on yupo paper)

Libby Dyer is intuitive abstract artist with bold, striking colour segments, expressive, fluid compositions and energetic and passionate approach to her medium and themes. Her art channels many of her emotions and memories and moves from internal and personal to the external world of nature and the different parts and elements of it. “I am inspired by the sounds of nature, the ever changing and majestic views of oceans, landscapes and skies and my evolving connections with them. I am inspired by life, past experiences, what’s to come and my loving and supportive friends and family.”

Libby Dyer

Libby’s art embraces a very positive, energetic and fluid art making process which is also evident in her medium of choice, alcohol ink. The medium possesses a spontaneous, unpredictable and sometimes even uncontrollable element. “This medium instils in me a true passion and complete acceptance of oneself. It transports me to a world of vibrancy, fun and exploration,” Libby described.

I Feel You

I Feel You (91 x 65cm, Alcohol ink on yupo paper)

Art for Libby seems like a rabbit hole to a different world. The joy and wonder in her art and in the way she approaches her art and the creative process is infectious, exciting and most certainly an adventure. “I create on either canvas or yupo paper of varying sizes. I, at times, mix it up and add other mediums of acrylic paint, spray paint, pens and other inks. I have also recently started using masking fluid which I am loving,” she explained further. “My hope is to explore other non-porous surfaces such as glass, ink boards, metal and possibly even splashbacks for kitchens. My mind boggles with the adventures I have planned.”

Love Language

Love Language (91 x 65cm, Alcohol ink on yupo paper)

“My art hopes to embrace a very positive, energetic and fluid art making process. I view my work as intuitive which resonates in me and my audience a very emotional and physical expression of my feelings and surroundings. I try to work from a place of open curiosity and exploration. I let my creative impulses lead the way and try to follow my intuitive urges. My painting process allows my creativity to unfold naturally and I accept that whatever authentically emerges from me is meant to be.”



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