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Photo: Karen M. Andersen

Meet 10 of Our New Artists

As Art Lovers Australia grows and more artists join our website every month, we can understand how hard it can be to keep up with who’s new.

Not to worry though, here’s 10 newcomers we’ve selected to help you!

#1 – Anna-Riitta Ovsaka

“Photography is a passion that allows me to show how I see the everyday. By freezing time, details that would normally be missed are seen. When composing images I like to keep it uncluttered to allow the subject to shine.”

Pommegrantes (90 x 49cm, Limited edition Print (10) glicee print)



#2 – Yvette Swan

“I love the creative energy that opens from within and being able to have a painting come from that space. It is the best feeling!”

Spread Our Wings (101 x 76cm, Oil on canvas)

Yvette’s works have evolved from vibrant and bold abstract paintings, to then abstract landscapes to now paintings that reflect light, nature, and what can’t be seen. Her paintings have come from a deeper awareness of who we are beyond the human condition. They reflect our true nature as pure awareness.



#3 – Monica Egan

Roots (152.4 x 101.6cm, Acrylic on canvas)

“Art has been my love and passion since I discovered it and has been a part of my growth and journey in life. Before I begin on the canvas, I already have a strong feeling/mood for the piece. I have a clear head space that allows me to stay present in every part of the painting and set a tone.”



#4 – Karen M. Andersen

Her lifelong obsession with colour and fervour for experimental and expressive mark-making serve as the vehicles through which she delivers her messages. Karen paints instinctively and spontaneously using acrylics to create brilliantly-coloured works on canvas. Flamboyant, vibrant hues dance harmoniously around more sorbet tones, laid down firstly in planes of colour then accented with daring splashes, drips, dots, lines and swirls of paint. The resulting artworks are evocative, intoxicating and exciting…alive with character, rich in emotion, and imbued with layers of meaning.



#5 – Fleur Stevenson

Fleur’s work is inspired by the patterns, textures and shapes found among the urban surroundings of Sydney. Her paintings explore the negative spaces between (permanent and temporary) objects and invite the viewer to discover and navigate through these seemingly empty spaces. Working intuitively with a sense of curiosity, Fleur enjoys playing with process to create each individual artwork she describes as ‘its own little world’.



#6 – Claudia Claveria

“My style is a based on a ‘stained glass’ look – clean lines and blocks of colour. I like to play with images that fall somewhere between the familiar and abstract, between realistic and idealised. My main sources of inspiration come from the early to mid-nineteenth century, including the architecture, cinema, design, and art. Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Pop Art are a particular influence.”



#7 – Jenny Berry

“Living on the edge of the Fleurieu Peninsula in Adelaide, my love of the ocean and the undersea world is evident in all my works. Inspired by the unique environment underwater, I seek to capture the beauty and tranquillity that lies beneath. Often forgotten and out of sight the marine species I capture are fragile and the reefs and corals that house them are at once captivating and vulnerable.”



#8 – Basia Nowacki

“My artworks, with artfully placed illustrations layered on top of an organic landscape, dance between spontaneity and deliberate action. The process I have while creating these pieces really reflects the meditative path. From the openness and rawness of our essence and pure awareness to focusing in and being fully present with the specific moment of creation.”



#9 – Robyn Leoni Abbott

“My inherent contradictions in my colourful creations sway between a love of pattern, abstraction, nature and the human psyche. A playful enthusiasm for creating, plus my education in Theatre Arts and Art and Design also influence my work. I don’t like being indoors all day.. Time spent in nature is never a waste of time.. I struggle with routine.. I am easily distracted by loveliness and fun.. There are never enough hours in the day for play.. I am loaded with contradictions.. I am compelled to create.”



#10 – Carolyn O’Neill

Carolyn O’Neill draws, sculpts and creates mixed media collages but prefers painting. Her inspirations are biblical themes, the emotion of music and fossicking through op-shops for the latest addition to her Mid-Century collection which includes home wares and furniture. Over time Carolyn has developed her own aesthetic that is largely inspired by her obsession with midcentury modernism and the early pioneers of abstract expressionism such as Willem De Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Robert Motherwell. Her sense of colour is intuitive, and most of her work is unplanned. Layer upon layer something from within is expressed that is difficult to articulate. Each painting is like a journal entry without words; distinctively unique with its own individual story or journey.


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