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Keeping it Real with Natasha Junmanee

Art Lovers | 8 September 2019

By Sunnefa Hamar Penning


It is all about the details for Sydney based realist painter Natasha Junmanee. From a young age she always had a pencil or paint brush in hand. “Art had always been calling and resonating in my heart“. Enjoying it as a pastime, Natasha never entertained the idea that painting could be a future career until she could no longer deny the strong pull she felt towards painting and she enrolled in a Diploma of Visual Arts at TAFE. Shortly after, Natasha completed an Advanced Diploma and is currently in her last year of a Bachelor’s Degree of Visual Arts at Federation University. As well as managing the challenging workload of full-time study, Natasha has been active on the art scene and sharing her talent. “I have been entering my works in to art prizes and exhibitions, and my works were selected as a finalist and won some awards. I have also been selling my works both at exhibition and online”.

Originally from Thailand, the artist draws inspiration from an interesting mix of international influences. Long been fascinated by the old masters’ work in Europe, specifically the Dutch masters, her painting style is a result of a deep love for the classical arts. To build on her interests, Natasha undertook a workshop in Florence to study egg tempera painting techniques. “To learn the process, what they do, how they did it in the past and try it for myself was wonderful. I think it was the most valuable time”. Spending time in Europe was transformational for the artist as she had the opportunity to immerse herself in the art that had filled her with confidence and encouragement to paint. “I had a chance to visit many well-known art galleries and places to see the original painting by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, Botticelli and so on. It was the greatest experience and has benefited my art practice today as you can see from my more recent works”.

Luscious Pears ( Ltd Ed Print on Canvas)

Inspired by the world around her, Natasha is constantly stimulated. “I always try to look at beauty aspects of simple things that people normally look over such as fruits in a bowl, a piece of toast on kitchen bench etc.”. The artist thrives of the challenge of creating a painting that is as close to real as possible. “I always try to create a painting that can make the viewers feel as real as I possibly can. For example, If I paint lemon I want the people to feel the taste of it”. The details of each painting are etched in her brain and the satisfaction of shining a new light onto something incredibly simple gets her going. “I remember my first lemon painting and I remember that I really enjoyed painting it specially its juicy flesh and all the sparkling bits on it”.

Peeled Lemon I

Peel Lemon on Blue and White Wall (18 x 13cm, Oil on canvas board)

Natasha works predominately with oils, but occasionally uses acrylics, pastel and watercolour. Her love for classical art translates into her personal style.I employ the traditional technique of underpainting and glazing to create my work. My work involves painting in multiple layers to achieve realistic appearance“. Through her paintings she wants to evoke an emotion of joy and happiness for the viewer. “Much of my work uses balance composition with a sense of tranquillity. My concept is to create beauty that anyone from all levels of education and backgrounds can enjoy and appreciate. The beauty that is accessible, needs no translation, easy to understand and absorb by anyone”.

Cheese Burger Sm

Cheese Burger (15 x 15cm, Oil on canvas)

Her work has already received a lot of attention having been exhibited in multiple locations around Sydney and her paintings are held in private collections in America, Australia, Netherlands and Thailand. She is a finalist for the Blacktown City Art Prize, Hunters Hill Art Exhibition, The Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, City of Ryde Woman Art Prize, St George Art Award and Hornsby Art Prize. She also won 2nd prize in Still life competition of The Australian Artist Magazine and 2nd prize and commended from the Parramatta Art Award.

Chair with blue drapery (61 x 76cm, Acrylic on canvas)

The future is bright for this active artist and she has every intention to continue to shake up the art scene. She dreams of becoming a successful professional artist domestically and internationally.I would like to see my works collected in major art galleries and notable institutions around the world”. Keep a close eye on Natasha Junmanee, she is going places.

Natasha In Studio

Natasha Junmanee


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