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Interplay of light, Dinah Wakefield’s vision

Art Lovers | 5 September 2019

by Sunnefa Hamar Penning


Dinah Wakefield sees the world as an everyday interplay of light. At the heart of the Sunshine Coast where the lush hinterland grows wild and the pristine beaches hug the coastline in her Noosa studio is where the abstract painter spends her time. Inspired by the nature that surrounds, her paintings unfold on her canvas in what she describes as a “fluid movements of abstract expressionism”. An artist at heart she has always felt a need to express herself creatively. “I grew up with an artist father and this enabled me to watch the creative process on a daily basis. Art is my passion and my way of life”.

Venetian Sky 1 (183 x 92cm Acrylic on canvas)

Dinah’s career exhibiting as a professional artist began at the Beatty Gallery in Sydney. From there for the next 10 years her paintings were celebrated in galleries around Australia. “During this time, I developed an interest in meditation and this began to influence my work. In 2016 I moved to Noosa and my work undertook a change. Living in nature influenced my paintings and they became lighter and more fluid”.

Ariadne (183x122)

Ariadne (183 x 122cm, Acrylic on canvas)

The move to Noosa to a new environment was liberating for Dinah as she started experimenting more with light. “I am always inspired by the light I see everywhere. I call this “The Light Within”. It is a visual and sensory experience that can be seen predominately in nature but that exists in every living thing. I feel compelled to recreate this on canvas”.

Salt Lake (152x122)

Salt Lake (152 x 122cm, Acrylic and mixed media on canvas)

To create the effect of light moving through her paintings Dinah works mainly in acrylic paint and water, plus pastel and charcoal. To replicate nature, her colour palette is consistent. “I mix my own colours, mainly creating blues and ochres (from deep to light) In some painting traditions these colours are known as the colours of heaven and earth. I relate to that”.

Oceania (152x102)

Oceania (152 x 102cm, Acrylic on canvas)

Her development over time as an artist has been translated into her body of work and resulted in her most popular works being those of her most recent ones. “My most popular works are usually my most recent as I am relating to the immediacy of the energy that I have created. In general, I love all of my paintings”.

Siena Sands (152x102)

Siena Sands (152 x 102cm, Acrylic on canvas)

Now an internationally recognised painter, her artwork is in demand and has sold in countries all around the world. “In recent times I have completed commissions for the foyer of the Eco City in Kuala Lumpur plus an international law firm in Texas, as well as for private collectors in New York, Germany, Washington”. Currently, Dinah is travelling around Europe reference collecting and exploring the rich history of the cultures and art of the continent. “I am looking forward to seeing how my paintings may change from this experience”.

Deep Water ( 183 x 92cm, Acrylic on canvas)

In the future Dinah dreams of having a studio in Europe. “I would love to spend a period of time painting in France, Italy and England, and exhibit these works in London”. Dinah’s future looks bright and bathed in light. We are excited to see what she will produce after her stint in Europe and supporting her in years to come.

Airlie (152x102)


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