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Interior Styles for Your Home Series: Modern Contemporary

Art Lovers | 6 August 2019

by Liz Ohl


So about that style…… what is it?

Do you know what style you tend to favour in your home?

 If have a read of our previous post 10 Top Tips for Home Styling please check out point 3 in particular, Discover your style. Understanding styles and creating uniformity within your spaces will give a sense of completeness, consistency and calm. When a variety of styles are used in a home it can be visually confusing and over stimulates the senses.

Over the next few weeks we will introduce different styles and show you just how you can create beautiful rooms of the same style showcasing artworks from Art Lovers Australia.

The Crowd Favorite – Modern Contemporary

This style is so on trend now and is one that you will struggle to dislike.

Why is that?

Well that’s because it’s generally fresh, clean, crisp with defined lines accented by simple yet effective colouring or a monochromatic background. Nothing too fancy or overwhelming but easy on the eye.

Its sleek and sassy look can be achieved by reducing clutter, being minimal with items that are introduced and getting rid of contrasting colours and patterns.

We have popped together our take on Modern Contemporary interiors below. What do you think….. Have we hit the nail on the head about it being versatile look that would appease most people?



Artwork: Whispering Woods by Kellie North



Artwork: Cafe Lover by Chris Cox



Artwork: The Bridge by Geoff Birrell

Still unsure, don’t worry we are here to help.

If you would like the team at Simple Styling Solutions to help you work out how best to compliment your favourite art pieces or to suggest artwork to match your current home décor please submit an enquiry HERE and we will be in touch regarding a consultation.


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