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Interior Styles for Your Home Series: Coastal

Art Lovers | 22 August 2019

by Liz Ohl


So let’s talk more about style.

Still unsure what style is best for your home?

 Once again if have a read of our previous post 10 Top Tips for Home Styling please check out point 3 in particular, Discover your style. Understanding styles and creating uniformity within your spaces will give a sense of completeness, consistency and calm. When a variety of styles are used in a home it can be visually confusing and over stimulates the senses.

Over the next few weeks we will introduce different styles and show you just how you can create beautiful rooms of the same style showcasing artworks from Art Lovers Australia.

The Seaside Living Look – Coastal Style

As Aussies we are accustomed to the beach and love the lifestyle that it brings. The feeling of sand through our toes, the sound of the waves crashing in the distance and the smell of salt air seems to evoke all our senses and in some magical way makes us more relaxed.

Well these are the emotions coastal styling aims to achieve without the sunburn, blue bottles or the sandpit we somehow seem to bring home in the car after leaving the beach.

Below are some mood boards we have created with the Coastal theme in mind. You will note some of the similarities in the 3 ideas below are the softness in the furniture and décor using of raw and natural materials such as timber, jute, seagrass and linen.  The colour palette is often represented by sandy beiges, sea blues, driftwood timbers, and all the warm colours of the sunset and sunrises over the water.


Artwork: Summer Glow by Patricia Ann Hillard


Artwork: Gold Coast by Andrea Edwards


Artworks: Nautilus Overboard & Nautilus Shell Exposed by Carmen Griffen

Still unsure, don’t worry we are here to help.

If you would like the team at Simple Styling Solutions to help you work out how best to compliment your favourite art pieces or to suggest artwork to match your current home décor please submit an enquiry HERE and we will be in touch regarding a consultation.


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