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Art Lovers | 31 August 2019

by Liz Ohl


So let’s talk about more styles.

Still thinking what style is best for your home?

 Once again if have a read of our post 10 Top Tips for Home Styling please check out point 3 in particular, Discover your style. Understanding styles and creating uniformity within your spaces will give a sense of completeness, consistency and calm. When a variety of styles are used in a home it can be visually confusing and over stimulates the senses.

Over the next few weeks we will introduce different styles and show you just how you can create beautiful rooms of the same style showcasing artworks from Art Lovers Australia.

Art Deco – Think Gatsby

When you think of interiors seen in 1920, 30’s and even 40’s chances are that you will be picturing deep tonal palettes, unforgiving hard geometrical shapes that feature exquisite detail. This is what we have known to love in the Art Deco design.

Through its glamour and luxurious feel art deco has this suave way of getting us drunk on a dirty martini without taking a sip.  This design evokes pure opulence though its ornate style that is often complimented through the use of mirrors, glass and chrome.

This is the perfect style to reflect some of the gorgeous period homes found in inner city suburbs of Melbourne. When done well Art Deco will show off the ornate features of the home creating a visual playground for any visitor.

Here we have created our take on Art Deco –


Artwork: Don’t Stop Believing by Libby Dyer


Artwork: Fire by Kellie North


Artwork: Make Your Move by Chris Cox

Still unsure, don’t worry we are here to help.

If you would like the team at Simple Styling Solutions to help you work out how best to compliment your favourite art pieces or to suggest artwork to match your current home décor please submit an enquiry HERE and we will be in touch regarding a consultation.


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