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Inspiring Creativity & Imagination

Art Lovers | 6 October 2023

Written by Krista Worthington


Art for Kid’s Bedrooms

As artists and art lovers, we believe in the importance of introducing children to art from a young age. This not only includes exposing them to different forms of art but also encouraging them to create their own.

One way to nurture a child’s artistic side is by hanging art on the walls of their bedroom. But it’s not just about making the room look beautiful – art can also serve as a source of inspiration and imagination for your little ones.


The Benefits of Art in a Child’s Bedroom

There are numerous benefits to incorporating art into your child’s bedroom decor. Here are just a few:

Encourages Creativity

By surrounding children with different forms, colours, and styles of art, you are stimulating their imagination. This can lead to them exploring their own creative side and creating their own pieces of art.



Sparks Imagination

Art has the power to transport us to different worlds and spark our imagination. By displaying various artworks in your child’s bedroom, you are providing them with a world of possibilities that they can imagine themselves in.

Enhances Learning

Art is not just about aesthetics, it also has educational value. By exposing children to art at a young age, they can learn about different cultures, historical events and various techniques used by artists.

Fun With Fuchsia No.2 30x30 Large

Fun With Fuchsia No.2 by KATE GRAHAM

Choosing Art for Your Child’s Bedroom

When selecting art for your child’s bedroom, involve them in the process. Let them choose pieces that speak to them and reflect their interests. You can also opt for art that is educational or has a whimsical touch to it.

Artwork Options

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing art for your child’s bedroom. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What’s their favourite colour? That’s always a great place to begin.
  • Artworks with words, quotes or phrases in a fun and colourful font
  • Consider what else they enjoy like a specific sport, cartoon character, movie, television show or book.
  • Maybe even consider commissioning an artwork that’s customised to what appeals to your child and suits the space in terms of colour and size. Lot’s of artists can create work at very affordable prices.

Ask Us About Art Commissions

Img 7906

Hungry teddy by LEONIE MCINTOSH

Displaying Artwork

To make the most of the art in your child’s bedroom, consider these tips for displaying it:

  • Use frames that match the room’s decor to create a cohesive look.
  • Hang art at your child’s eye level to make it more accessible and engaging.
  • Create a gallery wall with a mix of different sized frames for a playful and dynamic display.

Release by ADAM BOGUSZ

Instilling an Appreciation for Art

Apart from the decorative aspect, displaying art in your child’s bedroom can also help instill an appreciation for art. Here are some ways to foster this:

  • Discuss the art with your child, asking them what they see and how it makes them feel.
  • Take trips to art museums or galleries together to expose your child to different styles and forms of art.
Cheeky Chickens By Teresa Mundt Colourful Colorful Chicken Chook Girl Painting

Cheeky Chickens by TERESA MUNDT

Introducing art into your child’s bedroom can have a positive impact on their creativity, imagination, and learning. So go ahead and add some colour and inspiration to your child’s room with some carefully chosen art pieces. Who knows, you may just be fostering the next great artist!

7b040bb4 Edb6 4144 9fe8 02f40881f4f9

Zilla no 10 by SHANE BONSUJET

“The earth without art is just ‘eh’ – so let’s inspire our children to add colour and imagination to their world through art!”

Keep exploring and keep appreciating the beauty of art in all its forms. Your little ones will thank you for it.

Happy decorating!

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