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Shane Bowden Abstract Paintings

Abstracted Window to the Evening Sky – Shane Bowden

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2020 03 27

Whatever industry a business happens to be operating in, it’s always important to be continuously looking for new, powerful and innovative ways to enhance and improve productivity and performance, and to achieve better results. And across Australia, more and more firms are coming to discover just how many benefits there can be from investing in art for hotels.
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 Commissioned Art for Your Hotel – How to Choose: The Ultimate Guide

If you are a hotel owner looking for the best commissioned art for your hotel, then you already know that blank walls are not what you want for your guests.

You want your guests to feel welcome and relaxed, and captivate them with their surroundings and amazing service – and an excellent way to achieve the ultimate look for your lobby, rooms and hallways is to invest in art.

Here at Art Lovers Australia we provide a platform for emerging and mid-career artists to display their work in our online gallery. Over 10,000 pieces are available from over 500 artists, chosen for their talent and vision in a range of media, styles and themes.

We know that art is the finishing touch for your space, but we know that the most successful hotels use art as a fundamental part of their design process, using well-considered artwork to provide aesthetically pleasing conversation pieces throughout.

What to Consider – Art Consultancy for Hotels

We want to help you make great purchases and select the absolute best art for hotels that suits your image.

Firstly, colour. Use colours in the same range or complimentary hues. Try and avoid clashes if you are looking for restful spaces like bedrooms, but don’t be afraid to include big statement pieces in your lobbies and restaurants. Remember the art you choose gives your space personality and soul, so have that in mind when you are looking at colours.

Mix your mediums – paint, coloured photography and sculpture are all separate forms, but they can work well to tell a brand story or highlight the personality of your hotel. Remember that art can be functional too!

Consider your audience. Who stays with you? Are you a funky destination hotel for young professionals or a luxury hotel for older couples? This will help you decide whether you should choose landscape artwork or more traditional compositions or abstract images that challenge. Your usual audience will help you decide if there are any restrictions to the imagery you portray – nudity, for example, might not be appropriate for every guest.

Even Hotel Art is Subjective

Knowing that you cannot please everyone with your choice of art gives you some freedoms to choose more challenging pieces if that is what you want, but one of the best ways to express your hotel as a destination is to include local artists and local depictions – and that is where Art Lovers Australia can make a difference for you.

We have a wide range of Australian artists that are not only local to you but produce locally relevant work. Why not invest in local artists as a philanthropic move that allows you to show you are in touch with the culture of the area?

Reflect your surroundings with a curated selection of local landscapes or points of interest – whether that is a silhouetted skyline, a beautiful view, or street art relating to cityscapes?

If you have a hotel with a history, then you can choose art that reflects that too. Hold up a mirror to the past of your hotel – if it used to be a factory, why not choose industrial style art?

As you can see, the decision is up to you and how you want to feature art in your hotel, but Art Lovers Australia can find you the perfect commissioned art for your hotel from one of our talented artists. Simply fill in the form and get connected!

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