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Growing – Damien Venditti’s pursuit within the arts

Art Lovers | 30 September 2019

By Sunnefa Hamar Penning


When learning about Damien Venditti, an emerging painter from Western Australia, one cannot help but feel inspired by his story of passion and pursuit to find his place within the arts. Damien had always felt comfortable expressing himself creatively, feeling at home within the “creative zone” and a true lover of all things art.

I think I’ve always been an artist“.

Mixed Tape Vol2

Mixed tape vol 2 – Retro series (120 x 90cm, Acrylic and oil on sealed board)

For most of his 20’s, alongside a string of customer service and construction jobs, he dedicated his time to music. “As a young adult life moved towards music as a creative outlet. Playing drums and writing original music was great, but much harder to forge a career”. Not feeling satisfied by the work he was engaged in, Damien yearned for something to bring greater meaning to his life and to fulfill his thirst for creative expression. Hungry for something new he went out to an art store, picked up some painting supplies and started experimenting. “I had no idea what I was doing and learned many of the technicalities along the way. I learned quickly that I enjoyed it and found a fulfillment that became essential to my happiness”. Damien was 31 years old when he discovered his passion for painting and quickly developed a daily habit to hone his skill. Before long he had saved enough money to devote all of his energy to painting and embarked on a TAFE course in Graphic Design. Now a professional full-time painter of five years, he has never looked back.

Damien’s unique “ever evolving…honest, lively and chill” art style combines both abstract and realist painting. When I move towards realism I stay there for a while. Eventually that leads me back to abstraction. The emphasis being mostly on beauty of form, light and subject. I want there to be a visible energy to my art”. When replicating man-made objects, he prefers realism, however, to paint nature Damien likes to go abstract.

Day At The Beach

A day at the beach (25.5 x 25.5cm, Oil on sealed mdf)

“Usually that means palette knives work, but I return to brushes in an attempt to loosen my brushwork also. To give them life, movement and energy”. Appreciating the challenge of mixing the two styles, he enjoys the freedom of jumping from within the detailed lines to blurring them completely and letting the paint flow. “I would say I’m a colourist. I feel that I have begun the journey of learning to tame colour, so as to control the mood of a work”. Working predominantly with oils he also experiments with his materials and occasionally will do a few layers in acrylic and then switch to oils. I have also done line drawings in ink”.

Woman Series Line Drawings Set Of Four No3

Women series line drawings – set of four – No.3 (14.8 x 21cm, Indian ink on canvas paper)

The push to mix things up and conducting bold experiments is no accident, “growth and experimenting with something new I haven’t done is what keeps me going. This freedom and uncertainty is artistic joy that inspires me when I get back to planned work”. Other than letting his imagination run wild, Venditti draws inspiration from life around him, family, memories of the past and other artist, both old and new.“My first point of inspiration was the Masters of the past. In particular the post impressionists, Picasso, Cezanne, Matisse are probably my three favourites“. Damien is also inspired by other online artists with which he exchanges critique, work and discussions on all things art.

The Lioness II (76 x 101.5cm, Oil on canvas)

Damien’s journey onto the art scene has been one of learning by doing. Navigating a new industry, the artist has found the opportunity to engage with an online marketplace invaluable.“Joining an online gallery helped my art evolve again. Having my work among so many talented artists really made me evaluate my work and find my own style. Now I feel like I have found my style. My voice. Now it’s about extending my vocabulary”.This has not only been beneficial to his development as an artist but also an inclusion in a new community of artists and buyers. “In a studio where most of the day or night is spent creating alone it’s great to have a connection to other artists…Art Lovers Australia sets a high standard on the work, being a curated site so it’s great to be a part of that and have my work seen by impressive buyers“.

Cup, Plate With Orange C

Cup with Orange and plate (60 x 90cm, Oil on art board)

Damien’s work has already received recognition from artists and buyers, his work is mounted on walls in homes all over the world.The pursuit for his dream to become a full-time artist has become his reality. “Now it’s about working harder to maintain and expand on that. It would be nice to one day pack up a mobile study and work around Australia”. Damien would also love to take his work over to Europe to collaborate and connect with artist friends living there. “In terms of the actual art, my goal is to continue as I am and focus on larger work. To be more fearless“. We look forward to following the fearless Damien Venditti as he continues paving his own path.​Mixed Tape Vol2


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