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Following Your Intuition with Brenda Meynell

Art Lovers | 7 October 2019

By Sunnefa Hamar Penning


Brenda Meynell is an intuitive abstract artist residing in the beautiful Yarra Valley. Originally from the United Kingdom, her adventurous spirit encouraged her to travel to unknown places to experiment with different lifestyles,eventually leading her to the rolling hills and flowing rivers of Victoria. To her Warburton studio overlooking her rainforest garden Brenda shows up every day to do what she loves most, to paint. “It’s my little piece of heaven, with music playing, and usually one or two local parrots popping in for food, if the doors happen to be open”. Never starting with an end in mind her approach is instinctive as colours and shapes progress on the canvas in front of her.


Unknown Landscape ( 107 x 81cm, Acrylic on canvas)

Brenda has always worked in the creative industries as she ran her own interior design and fashion business back in the UK. It wasn’t until she found herself living on a pristine island in the Mediterranean Sea that painting started playing a big role in her day to day. “I didn’t start painting seriously until around 2016, when I was still living in Ibiza, Spain. It was around that time, when I had left the UK behind and my businesses that I had the time to explore painting”.


Brenda Meynell

Brenda sold her prints online through Etsy while travelling with her husband, a fellow creative and music producer, around Europe and the Middle East.Selling online served Brenda well and her work began gaining recognition. Before she knew she was approached by companies in Australia and the USA requesting to licence her work. This was a great boost for Brenda as it opened up doors to new markets and possibilities. “When I moved permanently to Australia in late 2017, I finally was able to sell in galleries, but I still love the online process”.


Every Leaf Is A Flower (107 x 81cm, Acrylic on canvas)

Her inspiration to paint comes from surrounding environments and landscapes. “When I lived in Ibiza, the island life surrounded by sea and stunning sunsets, was my major influence but now it’s the amazing mountain and river scenery in the Yarra Valley”. The best way to produce quality work according to Brenda is to turn up every day and experiment “I just show up and hope the work will flow”. The artist works mainly with acrylics and soft pastels “I love the chalky feel and texture they give to my paintings”. Layer up on layer, she paints, strips back, mixes things up, to bring character to her paintings that are big and full of bright colours “my paintings tend to be quite free and expressive. I find it difficult to paint on a small scale”.


Spring Haze (60 x 60cm, Acrylics and pastels on canvas)

Being an artist is a privilege that Brenda treasures with all her heart. Working in her studio is truly where she feels that life is complete. Within those four walls she finds her peace, her centre and life makes complete sense.“I love the freedom to do what I want every day of my life. It’s a great privilege and to have a successful career change later in life is an added bonus”.In the future Brenda wishes to continue her growth to becoming a better artist. With her guiding philosophy on life to “live life to the maximum and not be afraid to tread an unconventional path occasionally”,who knows what surprises Brenda Meynell has got in store for us.



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