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The Storytelling of Lana Alsamir-Diamond

Art Lovers | 5 November 2020

Written by Anna Itkonen


Lana Alsamir-Diamond is a visual artist based in Sydney with a background in product design. Her art is mainly abstract, graphic and minimalistic with intense colours and emphasis on form and composition.

“I am a storyteller; the most important part of the creative process to me has always been storytelling.”

Lanaalsamirdiamond Stay Whitesofa

Lana Alsamir-Diamond

Lana works on hand-made, cotton rag paper and paints with Japanese ink, gouache and fine acrylic paint. “A sensitivity for negative space creates the perfect ground for colour, that is almost a distraction [for me] but a very welcome one,” she has described.

Lanaalsamirdiamond Morethanyouknow Whiteottoman

More than you know | 101 x 64cm | Ink, acrylic & gouache on hand made paper

Her art, and specifically her artistic style, follows her personality and reflects her path in life. “[My style has] been influenced by my training as a Product Designer where I was introduced to form, and my interest in interior design and the love of pared-down, but very personal, interiors.”

Lanaalsamirdiamond Bethesunshine Pinkwall

Be The Sunshine | 56 x 76cm | Acrylic on hand made paper | Unframed

“I feel my work is very intuitive and involves a fair amount of restrain, and for that reason, I sometimes find myself producing work that involves more figurative elements. It is almost a need to be in control,” she said about art and her herself as an artist. “I am always told that my work has a calmness about it. I don’t set out to create [it], but painting is definitely my calm place. Ever since I was a child, I have had a love affair with the ocean. I feel blessed and grateful to be able to be near the ocean. It feeds the soul and calms the mind. There is almost an instinctive desire to create balance and harmony, and that [translates] to the calm in my paintings.”

Lanaalsamirdiamond Found Closeup

Found | 56 x 76cm | Acrylic, Gouache & Ink on hand made Cotton paper.

But it is not merely the internal references that are present in Lana’s art. Many external elements from her life are depicted or have left their mark on her work. “I have travelled widely both as a child and as an adult and been blessed to experience many cultures. I love destinations and have fond memories of the old ones. Architecture, artefacts and landscape are to me the essence of a destination, right after its people and their energy of course,” Lana said. And these whispers from other places, people and cultures become apparent in colours, shapes and forms, whether figurative or not.

Lanaalsamirdiamond Stay Whitesofa

Stay | 56 x 76cm | Ink on cotton paper | Unframed

“I love working in series as that enables me to work on multiple themes at the same time. It gives direction and allows me to explore the theme further. I am interested in the feelings and emotions that a theme offers. A good example is Three is a crowd series which was created during lockdown. It was created at the time when only parties of two could be seen together … I love the dialogue that two of my pieces can have in the same space.”

Lanaalsamirdiamond Nightwhispers Closeup

Night whispers 2 | 56 x 76cm | Mixed media on hand made paper

Lana’s holistic approach to art and life revolves around the idea of art reminding us to slow down. To create requires us to slow down as the process needs passion and patience, awareness and sensitivity. Through her art, she reminds the viewer to experience, not simply to look.

“The reason we love to own a painting is that we want that moment to last; the moment we fall in love with a work of art. We want to feel that feeling over and over.”

Rocky Close Up

Rocky Road | 56 x 76cm | Mixed media on hand made paper

“It is absolute magic to wake up and create every day. Nothing compares! Life is better when you are doing what you love, and knowing that someone else loves your work just as much as you, and wants to have and keep it. It is very special.”

Lanaalsamirdiamond Justadream White

Just a dream | 76 x 56cm | Acrylic ink & gouache on cotton paper

Rocky Close Up


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