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Rachel Prince ~ October Artist of the Month

Art Lovers | 6 October 2017

The Allure Of Rachel Prince

Written by Bernadette Sanfilippo

To look at Rachel Prince’s art is to be harkened back to a feeling of nostalgia, that something that was once lost is now either sentimentally longed for, or has been recently reacquired in new form.
Girraween at Dusk by Rachel Prince

Girraween at Dusk

Rachel Prince is an abstract artist currently based in Brisbane, who chooses to forgo the intensely bright, high impact colours typically associated with abstract art, and instead, utilises subdued tones and hues to render incredible moods on the canvas.

By Rachel Prince

Rachel at work in her Brisbane studio

Rachel’s art is steady, thoughtful and deliberate and has the ability to conjure up feelings of melancholy, pensiveness and sincere reflection. One may view Rachel’s work for the same reasons they may listen to Jeff Buckley’s rendition of Hallelujah, for that strong and steadfast feeling of inner yearning, reconnection and contemplation.


Afternoon Walks

Rachel’s primary subject is the natural landscape, which she incorporates in both a literal and metaphorical sense. Her work strives to create the sensation of physically being amongst the scape and to “feel” the view that is beheld.


Summer Haze

Having previously explored the great depths of the ocean, the multidimensional degrees of enormous granite boulders and the wider, vaster scrublands, Rachel has, in more recent times, found herself growing fond of flora and foliage subjects, discovering an almost palpable joy in the process.


Warm Breeze

Giving careful consideration to colour, Rachel gravitates largely towards shades of blue, pink and green. With blues and greens helping to root her work in nature, her pink hues offset her warmer shades by providing cooler tonality and finer, environmental details.


Foggy Winter Morning

Citing her admiration of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, his abstract expression and original artistic depictions, Rachel consistently endeavours to be true to her most authentic self and vision.


The Ridge

Recently Rachel completed a new series in homage of the majestic, grandiose landscapes of Girraween National Park. These new works, many of which can be viewed at her Art Lovers Australia shop, remain true to her unique, mood evoking style, whilst simultaneously diverting audiences through time and space.


Making Tracks

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Rachel Prince

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