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Maria Radun: A Painting A Day Project

Art Lovers | 20 March 2021

Written by Maria Radun


This project is a celebration of my love of oil painting.

I believe there is beauty all around us in the smallest and simplest of everyday things and if you look, you can find inspiration anywhere.

I wanted to challenge myself to create a small painting every single day this month just to see how far I can push my artistic skills. A project like this requires not just creative thinking and focus, but also time management and discipline as it becomes part of your life. I find it very rewarding, grounding and immensely satisfying to paint daily.

Img 9898

Everything Zen | 25 x 30cm | Oil on cradled wood board

So far I’ve been painting still-life pieces directly from life. From a technical perspective this is very beneficial. I can observe the subtle colour and tonal variations that are often lost in photography. I aim to portray the subject just as I see it, beautiful, unassuming, a fleeting moment in time that may look very different just a few hours later.

Below are a few examples of my paintings from the project..

Img 0090

Light Reading | 20 x 20cm | Oil on cradled wood board


Img 9961

Headphones | 20 x 20cm | Oil on cradled wood board


Img 0037

Avocado | 20 x 20cm | Oil on cradled wood board


Img 0337

Tea to go | 20 x 20cm | Oil on cradled wood board


Img 0208Olive Print

Maria is also available for commissions.

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