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Ani Ipradjian: An Exploration of Colour & Design

Art Lovers | 11 October 2020

Written by Anna Itkonen


Emerging Melbourne artist, Ani Ipradjian is inspired by the enthralling landscapes of nature and city themes that turn into luscious textures, shapes and colour combinations.

Port Melbourne Spirit Interior 2

Port Melbourne Spirit | 105 x 104cm | Acrylic on canvas

Studies in Art and Design, Graphic Design and Photography, all play a part in her art nowadays. Ani has said that her art is a true representation of her past, present and future.

12 Apsotles Milky Way 2

Ani Ipradjian

Ani’s heritage is Armenian. Her art depicts, not only her love for the Australian town and city scapes, but her roots and the many artefacts around her family home, pictures and sculptures from Australia and all around the world.

12 Apsotles Milky Way 2

12 Apostles Milky Way 2 | 106 x 106cm | Acrylic on canvas

“In my early 20’s I decided to board a train from Melbourne to Perth. At the time I did not realise that this would be one of the most eye-opening and best experiences in my life,” Ani said. “It was a big turning point for me in my art and life. Stopping off at a town with a population of 500 people, seeing camels and wild horses stomping on the fertile red soil as our train passed. Oh, there is nothing like it.”

Mookaite Jasper 2

Mookaite Jasper 1 | 105 x 105cm | Acrylic on canvas

Colour is a central element in Ani’s art. “Exploring colour and design is one of the most important aspects of my creations. I work with colours and shapes, creating asymmetrical, geometric pieces, trying not to use too many colours in a palette. Keeping it simple is usually the best solution; however, sometimes that not as easy as it sounds.”

Grey Modern Bedroom Interior

Blue Stone Basalt 3 | 105 x 105cm | Acrylic on canvas

Ani works with luscious textures, shapes and colour combinations. The texture and the shapes all work towards making the colours more prominent, “making them pop”.

Green Cozy Living Room

Albert Park Love | 105 x 105cm | Acrylic on canvas

Another striking element in Ani’s art is the asymmetrical shapes. She studied art and design previously, and this influenced her art greatly as asymmetrical designs and concentric circles. “As a young girl, I even used to get my hair cut in an asymmetrical style cut. Another thing I use to do when I was growing up was spend hours drawing shapes and designs on a piece of paper; it would take me days to draw these small shapes. I did a design on one side and replicated it on the other in a different form, and this comes through all my pieces.”

Banksia By The Sea Interior 2

Banksia By The Sea 2 | 76 x 102cm | Acrylic on canvas

“My art consists of layers and lots of texture. There is no blending, so each layer has to dry thoroughly before the next one is layered, and this is why some pieces can take a long time to complete.”

Outback Road Australia Interior 1

Out Back Road Australia | 106 x 106cm | Acrylic on canvas

Ani’s art was featured in Block 2019 already, but that hasn’t made the 2020 season any less exciting for her. “Every single time I have found out that I had the opportunity to be on a national show, my heart almost exploded with excitement, happiness and gratitude. It’s a feeling like no other. You want to cry from excitement,” she said. “This time around THE BLOCK experience was totally different. It was even better than that I could ever imagine; this year an original painting was chosen!”

Interior Of Modern Living Room 3d Rendering

Brighton Spirit | 102 x 102cm | Original artwork featured on The Block 2020 in Luke and Jasmin’s Living & Dining Room

Lightbox image placeholder

Ani delivering her artwork to The Block

Ani’s painting Brighton Spirit was chosen by Jasmine and Luke due to the name and the colours of the artwork. Brighton Spirit was designed around the colours as well as the characteristics of the suburb where the show is located this year.

Pouf And Wooden Table In Modern Living Room With Painting Above

Blue Mountains Haze | 106 x 106cm | Acrylic on canvas

“The piece of art we chose to place in our surroundings can play a significant role in our lives. It can affect our emotions, appetite and overall our everyday life. Art has existed as long as humans have, and creates history, memories and brings up emotions you may have from your past.”

“My goal is to make each piece I do the hero of the room or the centrepiece.”

Interior Of Modern Living Room 3d Rendering


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