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Commissioning an Artwork with Dale & Sophie Vine

Art Lovers | 13 October 2021

Written by Anna Itkonen


Commissioning a special art piece can be a daunting process but if done right, it can create the most rewarding addition to your home and art collection. Dale and Sophie Vine are home improvement and interior design professionals (and previous contestants on The Block). They are also art collectors and have commissioned several artworks for their home.

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Artwork by artist TULIKA DAS

Commissioning art through Art Lovers Australia starts by understanding what the customer wants. The Art Lovers team can offer suggestions of the most suitable artists and mediums and create that contact between the artist and the customer. When Dale and Sophie were considering commissioning artworks, the Art Lovers Australia team found an artist who shared their inspiration and passion for nature, worked with the earthy tones used throughout their house and shared their love of landscapes and coastal themes. This artist was Tania Chanter.

Spring Daybreak Tania Chanter Abstract Landscape Modern Contemporary3

Spring Daybreak by TANIA CHANTER

Tania Chanter’s abstract landscapes are created by an intuitive flow of layers, textures and colours blending into an expression of her love of the natural world. The commissioned artwork, while done specifically for Dale and Sophie, strongly follows Tania’s recognisable style.

A commissioned artwork is based on great communications between the artist and the buyer.

Tania Chanter Dawn Sky Serenade Landscape Art

Dave Vine with the commissioned artwork by Tania Chanter

“After talking to Dale and Sophie, it was clear that the painting would have earthy, neutral tones and it would be a landscape,” Tania told. “I am greatly inspired by nature and I wanted to make it relevant for them. Dale and Sophie had been to the Grampians in Victoria and that became the focus on the painting. I wanted to create a feel for the area and capture the mood and feeling rather than the actual representation of the scenery.”

After the initial conversation, it was important for Tania to see photos of the house and the room where the painting was intended. It is important to get a general feel of the home and the style of it. “[Dale and Sophie] sent photos of their kitchen and lounge room. They did not know the size of the painting at that point but it wasn’t as vital for me as the mood and the atmosphere of the room and the rest of the house.”

Tania Chanter Dawn Sky Serenade Landscape Art

Commissioning is a controlled process for Tania and takes between 1 and 2 weeks. It requires discipline and constraint not necessary for any other creative process.

“It can be difficult to marry your artistic expression with the expectations. If there is a painting of mine that they like, that helps as well as honest, good communications with the client throughout the process,” Tania described.

“Tania did a very personalised job with the painting. She incorporated the Grampians into it after knowing we took a family holiday there … It is a real family favourite, and it is a favourite amongst all our guests as well. It can be seen from so many rooms throughout the house and we really love this piece,” Dale described the painting in their dining room. “I love the cloud work and how it looks so realistic. It is so textured that it almost comes off the canvas.”

Nancy Donaldson-Knight, Co-Founder and Director of Art Lovers Australia said. “We have a great team to help a customer through the commissioning process from choosing the right artists and medium to communications throughout the process if needed. We make the process as easy as possible for the customer, whether they are looking to buy an artwork immediately or considering commissioning.”

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