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Buying Art for the Office Has Never Been Smarter Than Now with a Government $20,000 Tax Incentive.

Art Lovers | 9 June 2017

Curating an office space is an important step in the process of any business. The physical environment of your company can either help or hinder your success. And while going through your choice of chairs, tables and computers, you should also consider artwork. Bare walls are not inspiring!

Original art can actually help turn your office space into a truly memorable experience for both your employees and your clients.

So with the extension of the Australian federal government’s $20,000 asset write-off, now is a great time to purchase artworks for your workplace. Artworks with an individual value of up to $20,000 can be 100% written off and there is no limit to how many works a business can claim.

Adjustment – Sioux Tempestt $850 Buy Now

Art in the office can send a message about your company and its values. Not to mention it shows you care about your space’s appearance; you have an attention to detail and an interest in aesthetics, which means a client is more likely to take your company more seriously and feel more at “home” in your office.


Air II – Aldona Kmiec $695 Buy Now

Consider buying art for your business as buying an investment. If you buy a quality, original piece from an emerging artist, the work’s value will remain or, even better, increase over time. Plus, it’s tax deductable, so keep that receipt!


Real, Unreal, One – Susannah Paterson $790 Buy Now

Once you’ve made the decision to incorporate art into your space, keep these extra points in mind to get the best work of art for your business.

How does it add to the business experience?

When choosing artwork, you should keep in mind the type of business, and what clientele you are trying to appeal to. See it as something to set the right emotional tone for your clients or customers. So, for example, if you’re a veterinary hospital, a painting with animals could be a good choice. If you’re a pediatrician, then a fantasy piece could appeal to younger children. A business that supports women might show feminine strength in a large female portrait.

Make sure that the work you invest in aligns with the values of the company, and adds to the experience of the clients and customers.

Lavender Sky Fields and Barns – Ian Tremewen $4,500 Buy Now

Is it memorable?

Every business wants to be memorable! If you choose right, your artwork should help create a memorable experience at your workplace. More importantly, memorable connotes unique and one-of-a-kind. And the best way to resolve this want? Buy original art.

Buying original art as opposed to buying a standard print from the closest department store is going to greatly contribute to the impression your office space leaves. Firstly, that cheap print will eventually deteriorate and lose its value while the original will maintain its value. And buying an original means buying something your clients won’t see anywhere else. Memorable artwork, memorable business.


Strength in Delicacy – Amica Whincop $1,150 Buy Now

Does your team love it?

While the common mantra is that the customer/client is always first, happy workers are the building block to help achieve that. Remember, when picking a piece, to keep in mind the enjoyment of your colleagues and employees. A stimulating, well-designed workspace with an inspiring original work of art will get your team will be excited to show up to work each day, plus it can even increase productivity.

You could even turn the process of choosing your art into a fun team activity. Invite your team to choose what their favourite painting is and take a vote. Get those creative juices flowing!


Border Collie and Shoe – Kathryn Lewis $400 Buy Now

Is it appropriate?

It goes without saying, but buying for an office space means there are a few more limits to what you can buy. As a general rule, your artwork should be able to be seen by the general public. This means nothing crude, no unnecessary nudity, violence or crass language. Focus on promoting positive emotions through the work.


Purple Shadows – Daniel Jurin $340 Buy Now

Have you considered size?

Make sure you know your space and know what you can accommodate for. But, more importantly, make sure you aren’t underestimating the space you have.

If you have the space, buying big, statement décor will actually be very effective. Take advantage of the space you’re given and splurge on a big, bold piece to really brighten up your office.

Remember to buy before June 30th, 2017 to claim the Australian Government $20,000 tax incentive. There’s never been a better time to buy art for your business than right now.

To see some more extraordinary art that you can buy for your office, head to the Art Lovers Australia shop now! And if you’re unsure what direction to take with it, you can contact Nancy@artloversaustralia.com.au on the website for a personally curated selection of works to meet your needs.

The Gathering – Estelle Asmodelle $2,400 Buy Now

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