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Buying Art for a Nursery or Kid’s Room

Art Lovers | 18 March 2020

Need to decorate the kid’s room?

Decorating a child’s room is an exciting time for many. The idea of a new design process and the anticipation of that new family member brings about all sorts of opportunities for inspiration.

Wild Things


As children grow and mature, they gain different interests, and that bubble-gum pink painting of a fairy might not appeal to them as much as it did before. You want to be assured in the knowledge that the piece you’re buying is both an investment, will have lasting appeal and could even become a family heirloom over time.

Mondayitis No.1 By Teresa Mundt Colourful Colorful Cartoon Contemporary Bird Owl Tree Art Painting

Monday-itis by TERESA MUNDT

So how can you achieve that? Well, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Art Lovers Australia has a number of amazing prints and paintings that will not only complement your nursery or children’s bedroom, but that’ll also be versatile, timeless, and something you’ll continue to love long after your child’s reached adulthood.

Here are 4 of our favourites that you can easily incorporate into a nursery or kid’s room.

Where She Wanders by HAYLEY ROBERTS

Where She Wanders : Hayley Roberts

A whimsical delight, this limited edition print from Hayley Roberts contains very subtle elements of fantasy while still possessing a level of maturity. The image strays from the usual cutesy depiction of woodland creatures, but still maintains and element of excitement. For those that love animals and nature, this image will work fantastically around the soothing tones of a nursery, but will still look great years after in a teenager’s room.

A gorgeous shot for those who like getting lost in forests and dreaming of fairy tales.


Sails and Tails by IAN TREMEWEN

Sails and Tails : Ian Tremewen

“Sails and Tails” is all blue and all bright. This gorgeous watercolour will give you that fantastic pop of colour need for any blue-themed nursery. It’s oh-so calming and charming, in the simplest of ways, and will suit any setting. Its attention to colour and fading is also super impressive.

The great thing about such a simple piece like this is it will easily last through the years, you might find you kid will prefer to keep it well into adulthood. In fact, most of Tremewen’s artworks are a great addition to a nursery, kid’s room or even the living room.


Unicorns Are Real Aldona Kmiec Wall Art

Unicorns Are Real by ALDONA KMIEC

Unicorns are Real : Aldona Kmiec

Another print that’ll leave you dreaming of fantasy. Kmiec’s print is a combination of reality and fantasy in a way that both children and adults can love. The photo has a calming mood to it, but still inspires a sense of wonder and fascination.

This unicorn photo is an easy compromise for those children wanting unicorn-themed décor, but whose parents want something that will last. And the soothing shades of grey that envelop the image mean it’ll blend it perfectly with any bedroom.




Seahorse : Michelle Gilks

If you’re looking for something a little brighter, the prints from Michelle Gilks are the best pick. “Seahorse” is one print for those who love creatures of all types, and who want to embrace an “under the sea” vibe.

Seahorses are a fascinating and a huge success with children. Not to mention, the soothing colours of this print mean it won’t overwhelm babies or toddlers. Gilks also has a number of bright, fun animal themed prints, but we feel the seahorse is the best combination and excitement and calamity all mixed into one.


All Hands On Deck

All Hands on Deck by JANE LONG

It can be a challenge trying to get décor right, especially for unpredictable children. But choosing décor for a nursery or child’s room can also be a lot of fun.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration check out the Art Lovers Australia shop, find other artist’s work and also see more artworks from the artists mentioned here.

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