User 21812 Yiwei Shi 2021 03 05 T 06 44 11 536 Z Self Portrait 1998 Oil On Masonite 44cm X 47.3cm X 0.5cm.jpg

Yiwei Shi


An artist who only follows his own imagination

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About Yiwei Shi

Yiwei Shi is a Sydney artist, he finds inspiration from various subjects. Overall, people bring his attention the most, through observation he depicts their movements freely, walking, running, jumping, dancing, all seems so fascinating to him. Not satisfied by just being correct in proportion, he changes their body shape, creates some extraordinary postures to enhance the dramatic effect.
Yiwei Shi believes that life is a joyful journey, and his work reflects it. He sees the funny side from the daily routine, captures the beauty in every move. He often simplifies the characters by omitting details, adding a plain background, presenting his two-dimensional vision to the viewers.

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