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I am an oil painter in the traditional style. My artistic inspirations mainly derive from beauty in the natural human form, with its outward manifestation in human emotions or human dramas.

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About Wenhai Ren

I have started drawing from life since visiting Sydney’s Art House Hotel sketch club in 2007, in addition to my cast drawings experiences back in college years. Believing draftsmanship the fundamental skill for painting, I also studied human anatomy and theory of light to complement my drawing practice, hoping to combine these elements into a future career in figurative painting.

My artistic journey also took me from portraiture style in early works to a certain degree of surrealism in the latest ones, in order to achieve the coherence between depicting natural beauty and exploring human condition/drama that motivates my work.

I had my first solo show at Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne (24/03/17-16/04/17), among the exhibited works there was an 11-piece series I completed between 2013 and 2017, which comprises A1 sized graphite drawings based on a single model. Within each drawing, the psychology of the character is implied by the action of the pose, either as a covert outward depiction of the thoughts, or via a more overt external display of feelings as understood by the viewer from the gesture.

I have been studying oil painting since 2016, starting at Victoria College of Art, afterwards in the studio of Erika Gofton focusing on figurative painting. In 2019 I was fortunate enough to be enrolled in the painting program of The Victorian Artists Society, studying portrait painting under Greg Smith.


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