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Wendy Rennie


A lover of art and colour it has been a passion to paint now for over 20 years and its the awe inspiring moments found in nature that inspires every piece in someway.

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About Wendy Rennie

Beginning from school to now my fascination with colour and paint has been ingrained with everything I do, from mixing paint colours and hand painting signs at an early age in an apprenticeship, right through to finishing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in painting, a Diploma in Art and Creativity and career currently focused on colour and paint, its the natural environment that continually fuels the passion for painting, the process of painting has always had a meditative affect where you get into the flow and create rythm’s with paint and mark making, time falls away and the essence of the moment spent is recaptured as an end result. I hope to share my paintings to add beauty, but more importantly that captures a moment in time, that really connects with others in some way, whether it be emotionally or just as an object that brings someone joy to look at.

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