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Teagan Watts


  • Teagan Watts wields her paintbrush like a scalpel. Her detailed portraits use precise lines, delicate washes and captivating eyes to reveal the underlying beauty of anatomical structures. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Education and a diploma of Visual Arts.

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About Teagan Watts

My pieces explore the relationship between our internal and external beauty, and how the patterns that lie within us, also extend to nearly every life form and natural structure surrounding us.

The portraits I create, reflect on the outside, what lies inside. For example, ‘Beneath the epidermis’ showcases the beautiful patterns of the layers of our skin and vessels, almost like a semitransparent tattoo across the serene face of the female subject. This same tree-like branching of vessels, is not only seen within our body, but also when we fly over river systems, gaze at the branches of a tree, or watch sand patterns left by the receding tide. Other works explore the beauty of the heart, eye and inner ear.

Not only do I explore our own anatomical structures, but also creatures which fascinate me. For example, ‘Nautilus’ incorporates the spiralling shell of the stunning cephalopod, once again reflecting the repetition of pattern found in nature. Mathematicians use Fibonacci’s sequence to describe the logarithmic spiral pattern which not only occurs in Nautilus shells, but spiral galaxies, sunflowers, fingerprints and even the outer ear.

Layering is a major component within my pieces, with fine detailed pen work peering through spray painted patterns, washes and drips of paint and delicate gold leaf foil. Each piece is a visual feast, which entices your eye to explore the various elements not only within the whole piece, but within the smaller fragments.

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