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Tea Ercoles

mornington peninsular

When I am not working on a painting, I love spending time working on my garden.


Nature is generous. It creates beauty everywhere and we only need our eyes and heart to be able to appreciate and enjoy it.


My garden, it is an endless source of inspiration for my art.

Every season grows and offers me a new expression of beauty.  Every new shape, color and scent is like candy to my creative mind. I look at my flowers and I feel grateful to my muse.


The naked human form and the element of water appears often in my works. They too are a part of nature’s beauty. I depict them intertwined with nature, often see n floating in water or covered in flowers.

The female nude offers soft curves that complement the delicate forms of flowers.


I am forever humbled by nature’s creative beauty, by the amount of generous inspiration she brings me.

She lifts me to a higher level and challenges me to capture that second of inspiration and emotion

Artworks: 49

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About Tea Ercoles


For as long as I can remember I have always held a brush.

The decision of enrolling into the Bachelor of Fine Arts in what it is now the Monash University was as natural as breathing for me.  After completing my studies, I travelled around Europe.  The experience of being in the vicinity of the great masterpieces of art history shaped my perceptions of art and beauty.

On my return from this trip I remember having a successful sell out show. This exhibition was all based about my travels through Europe.

Since then I have established my career as an artist and developed my own style and techniques. There have been many different solo exhibitions and group shows.

In the course of my career I have explored different subject matters based on what inspired me at that time. But despite different subjects, the style, textures and technique are still personally mine. I believe that an artist style is like a signature, it is unique.

I have been regularly selling my art within Australia and internationally. I also sold one of my painting to Parliament house in Sydney.

Amongst my clients there are collectors from China, the USA and Italy.

One of my work that I feel more connected is the commission of a mural for the local primary school in Frankston. It is about four by three meters depicting a large tree surrounded by floating flowers. It is called the Worry Tree, the children can leave their worries outside school by touching the tree on the wall next to the main entrance. I have watched students from that school and other schools, walk up to the mural and touch it and walk away smiling.



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