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Tanja Ackerman

Mid North Coast, NSW

Seeing sound is my superpower. As a synaesthete artist, I capture and share the powerful experience of seeing music.

Creating original, elegant, detailed colorful abstract paintings of music.

My Synaesthesia is the gift of hearing music and natural sounds that results in a profound visual experience and unique works of art.

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About Tanja Ackerman

Music for your eyes! I have been seeing sound for as long as I can remember. Drawing detailed works as a small child, my eye for detail has influenced many aspects of my work. Music and Art are the fabric of my being.

I create stunning abstract works of art from the unique profound perspective of seeing sound. Works that are talking pieces and will lift any room.

I paint every day, listen to music constantly and spend many hours each week immersed in nature. This powerful relationship with music and the natural world informs my art, not only what I see and hear but through the felt sense and a deep connection with the unknown. I honour music and nature’s way of being in constant flux and movement.

Inspired by music, I aim to create a connection with my viewer through the shared experience of seeing music on canvas. A means to transport you to another world or way of seeing and interpreting with meaning all that is around us.

Through my art I want you to be able to witness the miracle of our lives, share the mystery, incredible beauty, and sensory experience that music is. A language that unites us and that we all can share.


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