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Tania Chanter

Tania Chanter

Yarra Valley VIC

Tania Chanter is an abstract artist living and working in the Yarra Valley.

Her current work focuses on landscapes and large abstract landscapes inspired by her love of the natural world.


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About Tania Chanter

Tania Chanter is an abstract artist living and working in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Her work is driven by intuition,and a love of colour and pattern. Currently she is focussing on landscapes inspired by the natural world, and by the ever changing effects of the elements on the environment. 

Tania has always had a desire to express the emotions she feels from nature. Tania’s feelings flow directly onto the canvas in an uninterrupted, intuitive flow; layers, textures and colours blend and evolve before her until some secret inner part of her feels satisfied.

Throughout her creative career, she has enjoyed working in a diverse range of roles including 11 years in advertising at The Age newspaper,  as a voice-over artist and media presenter and as a director of a Graphic Design company.

Tania has enjoyed all these endeavours, and while painting began as a creative experiment with her children, she never anticipated falling so completely in love with the expression and freedom it provides. She says it meets every creative impulse she has and is a source of endless inspiration and satisfaction.

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