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Sue Dowse

Adelaide, South Australia

“Painting with Paper” – Collage artwork created out of cut or ripped pieces of magazines, resulting in a unique semi realistic look from a distance yet abstract in its detail.

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About Sue Dowse

Sue Dowse is an Adelaide based artist who works mainly in collage art. Sue graduated from Advertising and Graphic Design, SA School of Art in 1984. She stills works as a graphic designer but in 2019 found an alternative creative passion in collage art, or as she calls it “painting with paper”.

Specifically, Sue uses recycled magazines, type, maps, photos, patterns and more to create one-of-a-kind collages. By ripping and cutting up these items she is able to construct unique works of art that appear semi-realistic from a distance, yet abstract up close. She loves people to lose themselves in the artwork, scanning the fine detail to discover the text and images that intertwine to make these unique “paintings”.

Sue is excited to produce an environmentally respectful art form which allows her to give new purpose to discarded magazines, graphics and paper. Her work entices people to look closer. Sue’s method is always evolving as she deconstructs an image into shades and shapes that can be depicted on the canvas with paper, and through experimentation overcomes the hurdles to bring a truly individual piece. She hopes you enjoy her work and looks forward to developing her style further in the years to come.

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