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Stuart Ross


Stuart Ross is a contemporary oil painter living in Melbourne, Australia. His work can be described as impressionistic realism with a primary focus on expressive portrait paintings and human figures.

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About Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross is an Australian artist, specialising in oil paint and charcoal. While he grew up in the suburbs, Stuart attributes much of his artistic development to his childhood family environment, as his Father and siblings are all talented artists in their own right. At an early age he was guided and developed techniques from his Father, mainly working in illustration and water colour. Stuart followed his artistic path in Adulthood after completing a Degree in Graphic Arts, obtaining high distinctions in Visual Arts and Life drawing however he decided to pursue a career in Design and Printing industries. After starting a family and continuing working in various Graphic design agencies he became more unsettled and discouraged in the modern digital world and had a burning desire to create using his hands rather than computer generated graphics. He has now recently found solitude and passion in Oil painting. Stuart’s work focuses on subjects and techniques that are true to him. His work captures mood and draws in the eye of the observer with incredible focused detail and bold abstract edges, igniting inner feelings, emotions and desires. Stuart is now pursuing his Artistic career, continuing to develop his unique style from his small studio in Melbournes South-East.

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