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Steve Hillier

Gold Coast

Primarily a portraiture and wild life artist rendered representationally and frequently incorporating elements of experimentation or surrealism that aims to makes it fresh, individual and at times questioning. I strive to present an image that is strong, interesting and invites the viewer to have a visual conversation with the work.

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About Steve Hillier

Artistry in Art.
Within the boundaries of my paintings I try to create a world that is recognisable as the one we live in yet somehow separate, a kind of juxtaposition with an alternate potential. My aim is a mixture of realism, surrealism and fantasy with some painterly techniques and qualities to separate the work from pure photo replication. I feel an artwork should generate its own presence that asks the viewer to look and possibly question and where applicable participate in the narrative and story yet leaving room for individual interpretation and imagination. I like a painting to have a subject and interpret the concepts of beauty that it suggests that may or may not be obvious. For me this tends to be subjects from the natural world, especially the human form which lends itself to unlimited artistic interpretation, conceptualisation, and the challenge of the subtleties of colour, texture and form. By signing a work you’ve created you are saying this is a worthy ambassador of the idea you had in mind and your abilities to express it in artistic format.

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