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Stephen Cooper’s happy place is in the water and being a professional photographer, it seemed natural for him to mix his two passions. He is in his element swimming with huge whales, playful seals or creating beautiful underwater portraits.


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Stephen Cooper’s happy place is in the water.

Stephen grew up in the burbs, but he always had a pool. As a young boy his father would take him and his older brother to Parramatta diving pool where he would throw a coin when it hit the bottom he and his brother would race to retrieve it and each week his dad would get them to go deeper and deeper and deeper.

As a teenager he learnt to snorkel in the ocean with the theme music to Jaws constantly playing in his head but he overcame that fear to feel completely at peace submerged in the fascinating underwater world. “Being below the surface it is quiet, peaceful and dreamlike and it opens you up to a completely different world of wonder and amazement”.

Learning freediving in Bali they taught him that by calming the mind you can have great power over your body which enabled him to dive to 25 metres on one breath. Yoga and meditation are now a regular practice for Stephen as well as spending as much time in the ocean taking pictures.

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