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Stephen Baxter

Southport QLD

Stephen Baxter was born in Sydney, NSW, Australia. He has been living and working as a multimedia artist, art curator, and installer on the Gold Coast and Southern Queensland in general for over 30 years. His preferred mediums are Sculpture and Painting. He is also known as KingBricolage.

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About Stephen Baxter

I grew up in picturesque Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. Being an artist was always the plan. I began painting the landscape early on as it was majestic and simply unavoidable in Murwillumbah. The views from our verandah went on for miles and miles, over an arm of the Tweed River, across the cane fields all the way to Wollumbin (Mount Warning) in the far distance. Since those early days, I have continued to paint, draw and make sculptures about my immediate environment. I have also pursued my long-term interest in model making and Pop Culture, in between my various jobs as curator and art installer. Now, working full-time as an artist from my studio in Southport, Queensland, Australia is my dream job. I love nothing more than to enter my studio overlooking our Australian native garden to experiment with all manner of ideas, subjects, and mediums. I believe experimentation is a very important trait for the development of my artmaking in an ongoing quest for perfection, however fleeting it may be. I predominantly sell paintings and sculptures as the bread and butter of my art practice. The underlying process to my working methodology is Bricolage. Structural anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss coined the term in 1962. The Bricoleur “shapes the beautiful and useful out of the detritus of human life.”

Even before coming across Strauss at university, I collected and reclaimed found objects and images from around the neighborhood and more recently the Internet. Once collected, these found ready-made treasures are examined, manipulated, and reconfigured, the historical significance of each is reinterpreted, and the stories each holds within retold in a new light. Every object and image has its own history, story and a relationship with each person it comes into contact with. Every time an object is held or an image viewed it affects the person holding or viewing it in profoundly different ways. By collecting, re-examining, and reinterpreting each, I breathe new life, create new stories and new myths for us to hold, feel and cherish.

Stephen’s artworks can be seen in publications, art galleries, and many public collections, including; Queensland Art Gallery (QAGOMA), ANU Australian Dictionary Of Biography Canberra, Gold Coast City Gallery (HOTA), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Southern Cross University (SCU), University of South East Queensland (USQ), Tweed Valley Regional Art Gallery, Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, Grafton Regional Art Gallery,  Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, Morton Bay Region Art Collection, Downlands College Toowoomba, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Griffith University Art Museum, Griffith University Hospital Gold Coast, Mater Hospital Brisbane, Australian and International private collections.


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