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Stephanie Prole

Melbourne, Victoria

As seen on House Rules />
Contemporary artist creating bright works reflecting the contrast between order & chaos, suburbia & nature, simplicity & detail.

Artworks: 25

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About Stephanie Prole

|Unapologetic Colour|
Using her signature “Unapologetic Colour” style, Stephanie Prole creates boldly colourful contemporary artworks that draw inspiration from both nature and her suburban surroundings. Her work draws from memories of growing up in New Zealand, feelings of daydreams, youth, being in nature, and her mind’s conflicting love of both order and mess. Stephanie’s abstract artworks play with the contrast between patterns and disarray, with an aim of “balanced chaos” in each finished piece. Her realism and botanical pop art pieces use unconventional colour to highlight the beauty and whimsy in seemingly mundane subjects.

Stephanie believes art is for everyone and she is passionate about sharing her art in an unpretentious, uncomplicated and unapologetic way. Her number one aim is to bring joy into people’s lives through art.

Although she has always painted as a hobby, Stephanie’s career journey began when she discovered and fell in love with botanical watercolour following a course at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne in 2016. Late 2018 brought about a transition in style, with her artistic focus moving from highly detailed botanical works, to abstract and pop art works that play with colour and textural combinations.

Stephanie is self-taught and paints from her home studio in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

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