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Sloane Birrell


Sloane is based in Victoria, where the rolling rural landscape provides endless creative inspiration- even in Lockdown 2.0. She loves Dogs, Gardens, France, Art, Science, Glamour and Glitter!

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About Sloane Birrell

Sloane grew up in outback Australia, and the minimalist red desert sand and wide open blue skies have informed her aesthetic ever since. Subsequently, she has travelled extensively, living throughout Australia, in Paris and in Hong Kong- all places which have inspired her work.
Sloane’s professional experience has been in STEM and Health, where she worked for more than ten years.
She is currently completing an Advanced Diploma in Photography.
Her most recent work is “Corona in Nature” (2020)- a personal response to the Covid-19 global pandemic. She is currently working on “Covid Colour Therapy,” in addition to a documentary series on the “Spud Huts of Trentham,” and a personal project “365 days of Ginger” (a daily image diary).

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