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Simone Read


Based in North West Sydney, Simone Read is an emerging Australian artist and Visual Arts teacher. Simone works with media including watercolour, inks, gouache and rock salts. Simone graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Illustration and design) from the University of Western Sydney in 1996, Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of New England (2007) and has been a high school Visual Arts teacher and studio artist from 2008.

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About Simone Read

My recent body of work is an exploration of aerial ocean pool views. The ‘birds eye view’ creates a sense of calm and peace as I address the rhythm and movement of the ocean and the stillness of the pools. A quiet calm is what my intention is, inviting the audience to connect with this sense of serenity. The combination of inks, gouache and rock salts are intriguingly used in a free and uncontrolled way; an organic connection to the natural space that I am painting. The distinct colours used become a meaningful treatment to the way I highlight the absolute beauty of our ever- changing environment.

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