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Sharon Rynehart


Sharon Rynehart is an emerging artist based in Canberra with a passion for palette knife sea and landscapes, textured abstract botanicals, and fluid alcohol ink. Her use of colour and expressive technique results in beautiful, emotive pieces that speak of calm, and inspire hope.

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About Sharon Rynehart

Sharon is an expressive artist with a home studio based in Canberra. Her background is Interior Design and Colour Consulting but a health issue in 2018 saw her return to painting as a form of physiotherapy…and she hasn’t put the brush (or palette knife) down since!

With the South Coast a short drive away Sharon’s absolute passion is seascapes created with palette knives, but she also loves to play with heavy textures, fluid inks, oil pastels, and soft brushstrokes that capture her love of abstract botanicals, lush landscapes, cloud formations, and colour.

Sharon’s art is a consequence of her emotions, memories, faith, and what flows from her heart as she paints. She adores the word ‘heartwork’ – apart from the slight reference to her surname – it captures what she does perfectly. Sharon creates emotive pieces that allow you to draw your own story; to finish the train of thought; to remember a time or place, and to feel the emotion underlying each piece. Pieces that are relatable, that evoke a sense of calm, that force you to exhale…and bring hope.

Sharon is considered an upcoming emerging Australian Artist and is so grateful you’ve stopped here to take a look at her work. She hopes you find that special artwork that speaks to you, a piece you’ll want to give a forever home to.

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