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Sarah Walker

Toowoomba, Queensland

I specialise in quirky, vivid, and symbolic, still life paintings. I paint from my imagination, so you definitely get a unique experience from my pieces. I use colour and the still life style, to delve into the deeper things of life, and speak hope and joy to people through my art. These pieces are like vibrant jewels for your walls, and are great statement pieces for the home or office.

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About Sarah Walker

Hi, I’m Sarah Walker.

I specialise in vivid, quirky, and unique interpretations of still life paintings. I am especially drawn to using fruit imagery, as these are ubiquitous throughout Art history. Being such a recognised subject, I find it is easy to transport the fruit to mean more than fruit, and taken out of context they become a symbol of whatever thought processes I am currently delving in to.
These processes usually come from personal life experiences, and a desire to share the hope of overcoming the hard times in our lives, plus deconstructing elements of my Christian faith into everyday life.

My favourite medium for years now has been acrylics. I love creating backgrounds with layers and subtle textures, it is enjoyable to have that slightly tactile nature to the background of a piece. My style is my own mash up, you’ll find hints of realism, surrealism, symbolism, and a heck of a lot of colour. If you’re looking for something fresh and different, small or large statement pieces, then you’ve found them!
I currently live in Toowoomba, Qld, and completed my Visual Arts Diploma here years ago as well.
I love the work of Dali, Jeffrey Smart, and Kandinsky, but aside from bold colour, not sure how much they influence my work!

I hope you enjoy looking through my work, and thank you for stopping by!
With Love,
Sarah Walker

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