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Rick Everingham


Born in Sydney in 1945, I am now living in Brisbane.  I have been a full time professional artist for fifty years, and in that time have developed a dedicated following here in Australia.  My paintings are in many private and corporate collections throughout Australia, and in many places overseas.

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About Rick Everingham

My work has always been representational, concerned with urban landscape, windows and doors, anything with a patina of age, figurative studies, reflections in water, some still life and portraiture. I work in acrylic and oils, usually on canvas or board.
In 1991 I undertook a painting trip to Italy, followed by a very successful exhibition of Italian subjects. I have returned every year since, and for almost thirty years the vast body of my work has been focussed on Italy. My wife and I bought a house in a small Tuscan village in 1999, to immerse ourselves completely in that environment. I love the Italian’s attitudes to life, their distain for regulations, and their endless treasures of history and art. It is a wonderful ongoing experience.
I have a very simple philosophy that I follow in both my paintings and my life. I believe that we always get back in life what we put out, so I send into the world the very best of what I want in return. I strive for peace and harmony, so I make my paintings light, calming, and uplifting.
My process is to travel through life being aware of the sensations I am experiencing, but not necessarily looking for subjects to paint. Those that need to be painted always present themselves by evoking a special feeling within me.  My task is to try to capture, in paint, that same feeling, and hopefully communicate it to others.  My greatest satisfaction is when clients tell me, sometimes after thirty or forty years, that they still get great joy from their paintings.

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