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Rekha Khurmi

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I moved from the UK to Victoria 6 years ago and since moving, the Australian landscape and colours provided inspiration, urging me to pick up the paint brush again. I am now a full time artist.

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About Rekha Khurmi

Being inspired by the Australian landscape and crisp colours was the start of my artistic journey since moving to Australia 6 years ago, and as well as depicting seascapes and landscapes in my artwork, I have equally come to love painting people and portraits as well as still life.

I am particularly drawn to traditional oil painting techniques and have dedicated my time to learning this craft from other established artists. Oil painting takes time and my method uses many layers. At other times I have a need for more immediacy to get my ideas onto the canvas, so I use acrylics applied with brushes, a palette knife and sometimes my hands. I use the two different mediums in very different ways, and both are an expression of what I aim to achieve at that time.

As a full time artist, my aim is to continue exploring subject matter, methods and the narrative behind my art. Sometimes the simplest things that we take for granted everyday deserve to be given attention. As we get busier and busier in our lives, I see my work as a way to give yourself permission to pause, look at the painting on your wall, and take a moment.
“Painting tries to evoke admiration for things we normally don’t regard with admiration” – Blaise Pascal

I am more than happy to answer any questions, or give you the background/inspiration, about a particular piece.

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