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Ascot brisbane

REK is an established artist based in Brisbane, Queensland. His popular artworks draw inspiration from the beauty and intricate details found in the natural world, in particular he has become known synonymously as a realistic avian specialist.

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Private commission work is a speciality for REK. For well over a decade  the artist has created bespoke works for clients from every corner of Australia and across the globe.

REK is committed to achieving the vision of each of his many collectors. He understands commissioning an artwork is a special event, and the artist is dedicated to working collaboratively with you, leaving nothing to chance making every effort to achieve the perfect outcome. 

Whether it be pet portraiture, special occasion gift artworks,  memorial pieces or specific avian concepts, the artist will work together with you keeping in regular contact with progress updates through the entire process to achieve an artwork that fits your budget, wall space and most of all  – your vision.

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