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Bec Rosenthal

Adelaide SA

South Australian Artist based in Adelaide. Bec digitally creates vivid, highly detailed Fine Art Giclée Prints of floral still lifes, abstracts, geometric patterns, landscapes and portraits.

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About Bec Rosenthal

Hello! My name is Bec!

I am an emerging artist whose love of art flourished during my bachelors degree in Interior Architecture. I dabbled with different mediums such as acrylic, oil painting and collage but found I could express myself more freely in the digital realm. Each stroke, line and daub is delicately drawn using the mouse and digital pencil instead of a brush. My inspiration comes from energy frequency, floral still lifes, South Australian landscapes, insects and even the abstract form of the brain but I can be inspired by absolutely anything.

Art and interior design have long been a passion of mine. The birth of my beautiful son Saxon has given me the time and freedom to flex my creative brain and share my creations to the world.

My work is characterised by bold distortion of form and exaggerated colours I would best describe as modern Fauvism. I began experimenting with this style of art with portraits of loved ones. This then stemmed into still life and abstracts as demand to fill not only the bare walls of our home but also friends’ homes grew.

With the encouragement of friends and family I am proud to share what started as a pastime with the world. I hope you enjoy.

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