Rachel Kierann

Sydney, Australia

I am a Sydney artist, who primarily works in a free, abstract, contemporary style.
Nature, light and colour are my inspirations. I am in awe of nature’s ever changing shapes, lighting and shade.
I love the unpredictability of using a loose, free approach to a piece, allowing creativity to flow.

Its always wonderful seeing people make their own connection to one of my paintings.

My art has been seen on Selling Houses Australia, featured in the local newspaper & exhibited widely.

Artworks: 8

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About Rachel Kierann

Having a love of art I completed a Diploma in Colour & Design at the School of Colour and Design.Along with having completed numerous art courses to continually learn from other artists and also to develop my own skills.

Painting in layers using acrylic inks, paints and mixed media  creates more depth and interest in a work. I love the creative, experimental and often unexpected that comes from a free approach to my painting. Often I am not sure what will evolve and this in itself is exciting in the creative process, which allows me to flourish creatively and freely.
I am inspired by nature in all its forms. I am in awe of the effects light has on colour, on form and mood.
I want the viewer to wander their eyes over an artwork to discover new and interesting marks and images that creates their own connection and story with that piece of art. A piece of art is not only my story but your story in your connection with it.

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