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Ralph A. Ledergerber

Burnside, Adelaide, South Australia

Ralph is a freelance travel & nature photographer originally from Switzerland who migrated to Australia in 1991. He had the privilege to travel around the world since 1985 collecting an extensive and strong set of images of people, places, wildlife and landscapes across a number of countries around the globe.

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About Ralph A. Ledergerber

For me travelling is a lifelong passion to seek adventure, discover new places, collect new experiences, see the world from a different perspective, appreciate the wonders of nature and by doing so it broadens my horizon.

While it is difficult to change things through photography I certainly hope to be able to raise awareness about various issues we face in today’s world. Not everything is beautiful but sometimes confronting. My aim is to bring emotions into the image, whether it is the beauty of nature or the expression of a person’s face. I want the audience to look deeper and make them appreciate, embrace and hopefully change some habits.

What started out as a hobby more than 40 years ago turned into a passion and I have never looked back. It started in the mid 70’s when I bought my first SLR and the rest is history. Since then I have travelled to many destinations and more will be added in the future.

I am a self-taught photographer and never had formal training but the advent of new technology made it possible to quickly research different techniques by joining photography communities and exchange experiences and tips and apply these techniques while out in the field. Photography is an ever-evolving subject with no limits. It is the most wonderful media to express your artistic creativity. While travelling infects you with the travel bug, it is a photographer’s dream, it is the constant addiction to see, hear, smell, touch, taste and feel more of the unknown and catch it artistically with the camera.

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