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Olga Dziemidowicz

Melbourne, St Kilda

Olga creates modern contemporary landscapes, inspired by impressionism and expressionism. Her works are vibrant and alive, expressing her passion for art, courage, joy, and freedom.

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About Olga Dziemidowicz

My name is Olga Dziemidowicz and I’m a contemporary artist based in St Kilda, Melbourne. I create paintings that are vibrant and optimistic, dynamic in the use of colour and mark-making. My style resembles the works of post-impressionists and abstract expressionists.

Currently, I’m exploring landscapes as a way to express emotions and connect to ‘something bigger’ than ourselves. The works are bold and full of expressive joy and freedom that is a reflection of my state of being.

Using primarily acrylics, oils and med media on canvas, the works are perfectly suited as statement pieces in interiors both domestic and commercial.
Through my work, I want to inspire self-reflection and gratitude in the audience and remind us all about how lucky we are to be in a place like Australia.

I was born in Poland and started my career as an architect but I realised that that’s not my path. I really just wanted to feel excited in the mornings and so in 2018 I committed to my true passion of painting and I haven’t looked back!
I appreciate the journey I had to take to get to where I am, and today I’m absolutely ecstatic about the life that I get to live, and through my art, I want to share that with others.

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