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Natalie Uhrik

Sydney, Australia

Natalie Uhrik’s art focuses on creating one of  a kind artworks that fuse eclectic bohemiam & modern styles. Inspired by nature, her surrounding environment and a longing to travel. Each piece has a dynamic pattern and colour palette packed with multiple layers and mediums creating texture and a visual energy transporting the viewer to another place.

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About Natalie Uhrik

Passionate about art from a young age, Australian based artist, Natalie Uhrik has always been pulled by her creative side, dabbling in various mediums including film and ceramics as a means of expressing her inner self.

When not elbow deep in paint, Natalie is busy being a mother to her daughters. She also runs a successful cake business.

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree from Sydney College of the Arts. She has recently in January 2020 begun to focus on her arts career after many years of working in the  hospitality industry and focusing on her family life.

The principal theme in Natalie’s work is nature and landscapes. She often revisits past trips taken when painting seascapes both Australian and abroad.

Natalie’s style of work can be described as eclectic / bohemian, using a range of painting techniques, line, texture and colour to mimic the elements and create a kind of ambience.

She paints from a deep subconscious, trusting her intuition and letting go, adding texture, free flowing layers of colour, spontaneous movements with various techniques and tools.

Natalie paints on canvas with acrylic, Chinagraph and sometimes ink. She has a creative ‘eye’ for bringing together colour and textures and line, creating feelings of calm, happiness, peace, energy and optimism.

Mark making features heavily in Natalie’s work, from organic, abstract, spontaneous mark making, to more structured patterns.



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