Narelle Callen

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Narelle Callen paints landscapes of beauty and intrigue. Colourful, landscapes that will draw you in, capture your imagination and trigger memories of places you have seen and been to before.

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About Narelle Callen

Narelle Callen paints intriguing landscapes of colour and beauty. Taking her inspiration from her surrounding Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria, where Narelle is close to beaches, farms, hills and vineyards, her paintings capture the impression of the landscape and blend the shapes, forms and colours into beautiful abstract landscapes that will bring you joy for a lifetime.
Narelle paints in layers – building up the colours, textures and the story behind each of her paintings. Each painting tells of journey and magic of the captured image, the imagined scene, the intrigue and curiosity of the landscape around her. Her paintings often begin as small sketch paintings which help Narelle to gather the emotions, jot down the story, capture the colours and movement that she sees. The sketch paintings are then enlarged and here begins the journey of layering, texture and movement. Each painting is imbued with depth, character and emotion. Let these images draw you in, talk to you and trigger memories of places you’ve seen and experienced before.
“The warm sand, cool water, the heat of the land, life, people and the simple joys of each season are expressed in the layers, colours, texture and movement of my paintings”.

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