Monique Baques

Monique Baques


For a few years now I have made art in “series” since it helps me to gather my ideas. Their styles and themes reflect my story along the way. Oil paints have been a constant in my life since my father gave me my first wooden oil paint box 30 years ago.

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About Monique Baques

Having lived in four continents, I have had the chance to explore a range of cultures and learn from the many exciting experiences I have had and unique people I have met. In 2012 I was extremely lucky to move to Australia. Brisbane is a sublime city to live in so I have taken the liberty of comparing it to the biblical concept of paradise. One of the first things I noticed soon after my arrival was the great number of wild, chattering, and beautiful exotic birds all over this vibrant city. I was also impressed by its tidiness and its organized city plan. But what captivated me the most was its bright, luminous environment. This brightness had a huge impact on my painting style, transforming my work into vivid and intensely deep pieces of art, an explosion of patterns and bright colours. Thank you Australia!

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