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Michelle Hanson


My artwork is inspired by the Mystery, the Universe, and by what it is to be human; the love, pain, depths of despair, and peaks of ecstatic bliss. I paint the dark, I paint the light. I am interested in the full expression. This is my way of life.

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About Michelle Hanson

Creativity is my passion. I love new, original and authentic creations whether they are paintings, writings, thoughts, music; and I love connecting and collaborating with others who are interested in opening to and discussing the unseen mysteries of life.
My artworks come through me. I never sit down and plan what I am going to paint, I allow the expression to form as it will. Painting for me is purely a right brain creative experience where I allow my conscious mind to get out of the way so that my sub-conscious can express. I believe there is a great power in allowing the conscious mind to step aside and that we all have the ability to get ourselves out of the way; to experience natural altered states, flow, deep connectedness and unlimited creative potential.
I use acrylic on canvas, and paint only with my hands. You can find me painting to music or in silence, weaving, dancing and flowing with the paint in my creative expression. This is my happy place.

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