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Melissa Prendergast

Scarborough, QLD

Melissa Prendergast is a ceramic artist, with a passion for colour, decorative glazes and surface effects, featured on elegant wheel thrown forms.  A love of interior design inspires Melissa to create feature pieces which enhance living spaces.  Recent winner of Best of 3D – Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane.

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About Melissa Prendergast

Melissa is an Australian ceramic artist who lives in Scarborough, QLD. Her ceramic career spans over 20 years.

She was raised by parents who were passionate about the arts and they loved to be surrounded by pieces they collected over the years. During her last year of school (1986), Melissa and her parents visited a family friend who is a master potter. It was a life changing moment, as she and her family arrived at his studio, just as he was opening his kiln.

That was when Melissa decided that she wanted to become a ceramic artist and specialize in crystalline glazes.

Melissa’s work focuses on simple and elegantly shaped forms (which she throws on a potters wheel) to showcase the beauty of crystalline glazes and porcelain with colours inspired by her natural environment surroundings.

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