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Meled Taouk


I am an Australian born artist, I have been developing a style which is vital to my aim of expressing the inherit self. My art is derived from the subconscious I draw my inspiration from my own internal truth.

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About Meled Taouk

My artistic style has no style; it is the pure expression of present feelings at the moment of creation, a performance, a blissful and subconscious dance before the canvas or the medium. My work is the outpour of pure and immediate sensations through a creative act or performance of the intuitive self towards the canvas. It is brush by brush, layer by layer a work of internal expression manifests into being. There is an intimacy between myself and the work, an honest outpour of pure emotions of which I have felt, provoking an alluring perspective of my own self.

“There is no single truth in Art, everyone holds their own truth which they have reaped through the life they have endured. Truth derives from a universal awareness.”

I approach my work with my conceived idea or an illusory image, at first a set style or attitude on a work are taken on as an expressive outlet, and then eventually become stimulated before the work takes a life of its own through an emotional outlet during the performance of the work. I become captivated by the works progressive development, encouraging what works, revealing a subconscious truth and beauty, creating a life of its own.

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